Giving families and educators specially designed resources for a variety of learners

The Advocacy Underground is a North Carolina 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Identification Number (EIN): 87-3684162.

Toolkit Overview

Special education and the delivery of specially designed instruction is critical to the academic and social-emotional growth of students with disabilities. We recognize that parents and families play a critical role in the holistic growth and development of students. Part of The Advocacy Underground mission is to support learning across all educational environments, which includes public schools, private schools and homeschooling. Our toolkits are designed to help parents support their child’s academic growth at home, as well as serve as a supplemental instructional aid to teachers supporting students with disabilities in their classrooms. Our toolkits are created specifically with the most complex learners in mind to ensure accessibility for all students.

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Created to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities

Subject Area Focus

Each toolkit is limited to a single subject in order to provide robust teaching support and specially designed supplemental aids.

Instructional Aids

A framework for using the toolkit, developing goals, and monitoring progress gives you guidance on instructional techniques and tips on scaffolding supports.

Goal Development

A tutorial on creating SMART goals plus a list of relevant examples helps you create strong goals based on the unique needs of your student.

Teaching Materials

Specially designed teaching aids (ie: texts, flashcards, manipulatives, etc.) are included with a variety of modifications to support differentiated instruction.

Progress Monitoring

Data collection worksheets help guide the implementation of instruction and track student growth to ensure learning and retention of the material.

Achievement Badges

Celebrate and reward your student’s hard work with collectible badges that reflect achievement of their new skills and growth across academic subject areas.

Coming Soon

The Advocacy Underground toolkits are not available yet. We are looking for assistance in completing and field testing our first prototype. We hope to launch our early literacy toolkit in the spring of 2022. Each toolkit sold will cover the donation of another toolkit to families or schools in need, to ensure financial cost is not a hindrance to inclusive education.

Help Wanted

We are currently seeking both special and general education teachers to help develop content for our early literacy and early math toolkits.

Supplies Needed

Monetary donations will be used towards the instructional development, graphic design, printing and sourcing of materials to be included in each toolkit.

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