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Learn Your Rights

It’s hard to fight for your rights if you don’t know your rights. Here at The Advocacy Underground, we believe in everyone’s God-given human right to exist and belong just as they are. That being said, there are many man-made laws governing the delivery of special education services that have been in effect for years, but remain unknown to the masses. The sheer volume and complexity of this information can be overwhelming to both families and educators. Our goal is to make that information easier to read and understand using visual design and the grouping of like concepts. While we have not changed the language of these documents, we have reformatted them to improve readability and support comprehension with section overviews and key takeaways. The original links to all government and research documents are included.

We are not attorneys, so the commentary shared should not be considered legal advice. If you have specific questions related to special education law, we recommend that you consult a licensed attorney with expertise in this area. We hope this information increases your knowledge of special education law and encourages you to advocate for equitable educational opportunities for children with disabilities.

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