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The Advocacy Underground is a North Carolina 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Identification Number (EIN): 87-3684162.

We Do

The Advocacy Underground is a movement focused on ensuring students with disabilities receive an authentically inclusive education. This requires educating our communities on the power of inclusion, equipping them to do it effectively, and empowering parents and teachers with the knowledge and tools needed to intentionally create welcoming environments for children of all abilities.


Make the legal rights and academic research surrounding special education easy to consume and understand.


Provide educational toolkits to supplement academic instruction that are specially designed to be inclusive of students with disabilities.


Partner to design ambitious and transparent plans focused on achieving growth and progress in inclusive settings.

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Ensuring legitimate equality and authentic inclusion across all educational systems for students with disabilities.

We Do It

There are many government agencies tasked with supporting children with disabilities and their families. But the reality is that families are still falling through the cracks of these systems every single day. Rather than trying to change large bureaucratic systems, we have taken the approach of filling the gaps that exist within and around them. The Advocacy Underground helps schools and families understand the laws and research surrounding special education services, provides toolkits to supplement academic instruction and teaches teams how to create environments that support the authentic inclusion of all students.

How You
Can Help

Donations of money, time and talent resources are greatly appreciated. We are actively seeking financial donations to support the development of our educational toolkits, families and teachers to participate in user feedback, academic research partners and software development capabilities.

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